Cervus Capital Partners N.V. (‘Cervus’) is an independent structured finance specialist based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Our team of highly experienced professionals offers tailor made asset management and advisory solutions with a focus on European consumer and mortgage credit.

The team benefits from a strong analytical background and experience as a result of various roles the team-members have played in investment banking and asset management. The team has been active in the European and US structured finance since the early 2000’s.

Cervus acts as investment manager for various investment mandates in European ABS, catering institutional clients, family offices and high net worth individuals. Cervus has redeemed several mandates, in all cases returns have exceeded the initial projections.  In addition, Cervus tailors individual mandates and managed accounts to the specific needs of clients.

Furthermore, based on its analytical capabilities, structuring expertise, experience and network, Cervus plays an active role in the acquisition, advisory and structuring of consumer and mortgage loan portfolios. Cervus has been involved in the purchase of several of these portfolios. Also, Cervus arranged the first loss in a Dutch mortgage transaction, resulting in full deconsolidation of the portfolio for the originator.

In April 2015, Cervus has taken a 50% stake in DCMF (www.dcmf.eu), which provides bridge financing for the development, renovation and maintenance of Dutch residential real estate.  Cervus has arranged financing for DCMF.

Cervus is a registered investment company and a registered investment advisor with the Dutch Authority of Financial Markets (AFM)

Cervus Capital Partners NV has a remuneration policy with general principles and specific rules in place aligning the personal objectives of its staff with the business strategy, objectives, values and long-term interests of Cervus Capital Partners NV. The remuneration policy is consistent with applicable rules and regulations and aims to promote sound and effective risk management. Due to its size, internal organization, nature and scope of activities, Cervus applies the principle of proportionality with respect to disclosure requirements.